Astrology for marriage Planets, houses, and marriage combinations

It is being known by each and every fellow of this society that marriage is not just any event of life that can be taken lightly because it is one of the most impactful parts of any fellow of this society. And not just like that it is just any function because after this function whole life of both partners is going to change for always and forever due to which it is very important that the match which is made between them should be more accurate because, if there is one mistake in making a match or there is less compatibility with each other then it is also possible that it can destroy whole life of both partners and their families also. Due to this reason each and every fellow of this society is being guided to use this art of astrology in order to know whether the match which is being made is accurate or not for them due to which chances of failed marriage gets very low. So, if you are in need of information related to that then details are being provided below –

Houses responsible for Marriage –

  • The house which affects your marriage is 1st house which is also well known as Lagna in this field of astrology it can be known with help of this house you are able to know about the personality of that respected fellow who you are analyzing.
  • 7th house of your Kundli can be used to see compatibility between both partners who are going to get in that relationship.
  • As per certain conceptions of astrology it is being seen that both family lines are good to get together or not and due to this 2nd house is used of your Kundli.
  • It is obvious that each and every fellow of this society will have their own different ways but, it is also very important both partners are able to tolerate their way to show love due to this reason your 5th house is used.
  • The next house which comes into consideration is your 11th house of your Kundli which is used to know whether both you are going to be able to such long run.
  • Then 12th house of your Kundli is used to see whether both of you are going to be able to run your house or not

With the help of the above provided planetary information, astrologers make different kinds of predictions related to your marriage.

Impact of planet Mars on your marriage –

It should be known by each and every fellow of this society that Mars is that planet of your Kundli which affects your each and every because of your marriage right from your compatibility to your financial status of both partners.

what is Kuja dosha?

Dosha is such a thing that can occur at any point in time with anyone in this society because it is such a thing that occurs when planets take place at a certain place from where it can produce a whole different impact on your life. So, in order to make this dosha, the planet of mars should be present in one of the following houses 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th of your Kundli.

What can be the reason behind the delay in your marriage?

  • If you are the fellow who is having 2nd and 7th house’s lord afflicted by Sun then it is possible that your marriage can be delayed.
  • If you are the fellow who is having any kind of dosha which can affect you in any kind of way or can also produce negativity in your life then it can also be one of the reasons that your marriage is delayed.
  • It should be known by you that the 2nd and 7th house of your Kundli is playing one of the most important roles in your marriage due to which if both of these makes Saturn in the self house then can create problem in your marriage and this can also result into a delay in marriage.
  • If you are the fellow who is having a problem or you are having a planet of Venus in a weak position then it is obvious that it will cause you to delay in your marriage because it is the planet of love and without this feeling of love, marriage can’t even start.

So, this was different kinds of information related to this cause of marriage and its role in your life. Marriage isn’t some kind of feeling which can be felt by both partners which are engaged in that relationship but, as same as other relationship it also has a base of feeling which is well known as love due to which in order to help you in the situation of need you can contact to Love Problem Solution in Ahmedabad in order to solve your each and every kind of problem which can occur in your married life.

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