How Coding Makes Money!

Code more. Earn a lot!

And that is not a joke.

With coding, you can be able to pursue a professional career, which not only benefits you but also makes a lot of improvements for others.

Coders are advanced thinkers and are experts at reasoning skills.

They can be an all-rounder in the tech field and gain control over their work with their expertise.

With that being said, 2022 can be a year of challenges as professional aspects regarding coding are getting diversified each day.

However, hope is not lost.

You have got a full series of interesting, offbeat routes to earn money using programming with traditional ways.

And with this post, you will get to know these ways.

So, let’s learn about them.

  • What Coding Can Do Make You Some Cash

Coding can make you a lot of money only if you have studied the IT industry?

When you start your business and look for business startup loans for people with bad credit online (in case you are suffering from bad credit), you definitely have made proper studying and analysis of the industry on the particular trade you have chosen.

So, after you read these points mentioned below and find a way to earn money using your coding skills, you should learn about the tech industry and find out how you may use those skills to the best to earn.

Without further ado, let us now get into learning some fabulous ways by which you can earn money coding.

  • Just Make Your Own Applications
  • Or Just Teach People How to Code
  • Content Creation? Great Idea!
  • Do Something New! Enjoy Coding Competitions
  • Find a Job Online
  • Or Try out Some ‘Offbeat Coding Related Things’
  • You Can Try out Selling SaaS
  • To Conclude: Go for Developing Open Source Tools for Coding

And now read more about these points:

  1. Just Make Your Own Applications

You are a coder!

The ultimate thing you can do is to make an application.

Some people do it passionately to show their creativity to family or friends. That’s the passionate side of the work.

But others do it professionally.

For example, with simple coding skills, you can be able to make a trading app for Cryptocurrency, which can help a lot of other people earn.

What you can do is you can combine that passionate coding creativity with professional intentions.

  • You can develop a multiplayer action or an Indie game, an audio or video editing app or simply a commercial app such as a one for crypto trading, as mentioned just now.
  • You can develop plugins for tools such as WordPress.
  • Making third-party apps (like PayPal) can be a great way to earn money.
  • Or you can create an app of your choice and monetise its services in smart ways. For example, you may create an app for teaching how to code, market it and then earn through it.
  • Sometimes, you might also get a tool where you don’t even need to code or may use simple low coding to make an app.


  1. Or Just Teach People How to Code

Tutoring how to code can be a great idea!

You may be able to make a coding app yourself (as mentioned in the previous point)!

Now, if you want to work more collaboratively, then you can surely join a hub where lots of tutors like you and students are working together.

For that case, you have got platforms such as Udemy; Skillshare, Coursera or Khan Academy.

You can register there as a teacher and may charge money based on the terms and conditions of the platform.

All you need to have as a setup is a laptop or a desktop computer, a good quality webcam and a decent mic.

Some also teach on these platforms using their phones. Make sure to get a sturdy phone mount or stand for that. A gimbal with a tripod or a leg to station it on a tabletop might also do.

And if you need urgent money to buy these things, probably because you are unemployed, then you can look for unsecured loans for unemployed people online.

  1. Content Creation? Great Idea!

Well, why not?

If coders can be coders and app makers, and popular coding tutors, why would they not get the benefit of content creation?

And the real thing is that people need content from coders.

It is from teaching how to code to providing an update on coding practices to anything; content creation can give you a lot if you want to make it to earning money with coding.

Here is what you can do:

  • Choose a popular platform like Medium and start blogging. Monetise your coding blogs by affiliate marketing advertisements etc.
  • Platforms like Spotify are a hub for podcasts, and therefore, it offers you a golden chance to create quality podcasts and grab an audience to earn money.
  • Let’s not forget the power of videos and what they can do for your business. Start vlogging in YouTube, Dailymotion They can make you enough money.

Be consistent while creating content.

  1. Do Something New! Enjoy Coding Competitions

Yes, competition can be great professionally.

You can win cash prizes in a coding competition.

And now, you can add this to your portfolio to make your resume even stronger.

Plus, coding competitions are very good for practising your coding skills.

You may choose CodeChef as a platform for such competitions.

  1. Find a Job Online

If you want to be the coder in a company helping the brand with many of its projects, you are welcome.

You need to register on websites like fiverr or Upwork, where you will find projects to work on anytime.

The work you will find here will mostly be remote or freelance.

But you can still get work from office jobs if you search in popular job profiles like LinkedIN.

  1. Or Try out Some ‘Offbeat Coding Related Things’

Maybe you are not coding as a coder.

But some coding-related jobs may still make you money.

For example, if you are an HTML/ CSS or a JavaScript specialist, you know how to code a website and web applications.

So, you can definitely learn more about digital marketing and web design (or probably a bit of technical writing as well).

  1. You Can Try out Selling SaaS

It is as same as the creation of your own website.

It just has one small inclusion.

Selling a SaaS means creating a website but locking it with premium rates.

If your users need to use this website, they need to buy the premium packages or pay for a subscription.

Quite like Netflix, right?

  • To Conclude: Go for Developing Open Source Tools for Coding

If you are an expert in programming, you can take the help of open-source tool development using languages such as Python or C++.

You can use your coding to add machine learning, Artificial Intelligence or Data Science tools in plugins, etc.

And if yours is unique, chances are you will end up earning money.

Taking out a business start-up loan for people with bad credit can be easy or complicated in how you look at it.

The concept goes the same for earning by coding.

If you use smart ideas and study the market (just like you did with loans), the process will always be easier.

And that is when you will start earning money by coding.

Description: Coding can be your tool to earn a lot of money. In 2022, there will be different ways to do this. Learn about a few conventional and a few offbeat ways in them.

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