Picuki: Explore Instagram profiles without an account

being able to view stuff on instagram for free It’s not something that can be done unless you have an account on said platform. However, there are alternatives that can be used to achieve this , without having to register on that social network. Among them is Picuki . This is a site that few users know about, but it creates great advantages with its use, such as viewing or downloading photos from different profiles.

In the same way, it allows you to browse Instagram anonymously , discover trends in hashtags, locations, etc., without having to have an account or log in on that social network. In other words, during the use of this tool, no records of hits are made. What’s more, on top of that, the tool can be used for free, from your computer or smartphone .

What is picuki

A Picuki account allows you to see, edit, and download content from all corners of Instagram – profiles, stories, posts, hashtags, followers, and locations. That platform’s service It’s free and doesn’t require registration or an account. on the aforementioned social network, as everything works anonymously. It is noteworthy that the platform can be used personally or to explore other profiles.

Now, it should be mentioned, Editing is possible only when the visible content is a photo. . Because, in case of Moment, Story or Video, this option is not activated in Picuki.

Complete function and usage of picuki


Picuki’s interface is very simple and intuitive so navigating will be very simple. This Internet platform works through a built-in search engine , in which the friend has to enter the username of the account in question. . This way, the system will bring up a series of results that can match the specified profile and when you click on it, you will be able to access its information. like posts, stories, hashtags, etc

What does this app let you see

With the help of Picuki You can view posts, stories, tags, comments and Profile photos, no need to have an instagram account or login to the platform. For this, the steps described below must be followed:

  • Enter Picuki .
  • write the profile name to find it and press “ Style ” on the keyboard or on the button with the magnifying glass icon.

Note : if you can filter the search by “profile”, “tag” or “location” , by clicking on the respective option.

  • select the account that matches the profile in question.

Note : if what you are looking for is a label, you must click the “Tags” button located next to “Profile” when the search results appear.

  • To view or download Any one of them click on the thumbnails Press the button “ download”or “ Download”, depending on how it is displayed on the screen.

Note : You can also click on the three vertical dots icon and click “ Download ” to download the file to your computer or smartphone. You must then select a destination folder and press the “ View ” button to download the file to your computer or mobile phone, as appropriate.

  • It’s also important to emphasize that this process applies to stories, locations, posts, and hashtags or tags. Through Picuki, you’ll be able to view all the content on any Instagram profile. The Instagram Stories, however, require a separate click. The post number is next to a button. The documents will be displayed on the wall, and then they will be downloaded.

Download and install Picuki

Picuki is a completely online application , that is, there is no official version for smartphones that can be downloaded from the app store. Therefore, it is not possible to download and install this tool as it is only available through your official website . However, it can be accessed through various devices, including those with the iOS operating system (iPhone or iPad).


This website does not ask for personal information, such as name, email or credit card number, as a free and anonymous online application. . However, in the event that you request a service at picuki.com , the platform may request certain data to contact us to improve user experience.

It should be noted that this is the only case where user information is stored or collected on Picuki. In terms of information protection, this website uses regular malware scanning , to prevent computer attacks on your database.


Finally, it can be said that Picuki is a great alternative for users with or without an Instagram profile who want to view or download anonymous content from this social network.

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